Independent research organization VDI like a PRO offers two levels of sponsorship:

Level 1: logo on site and in report (600 euro a year). 

With this sponsorship level you support the independent and objective market research of VDI like a PRO. This level offers the following advantages

  • Your logo will be displayed on the VDI like aPRO proud sponsor” – website page.
  • You are allowed to use the “Sponsor of VDI like a PRO” logo in your own communications.
  • You are allowed to use relevant selections of the research results in your marketing (source always to be mentioned). 
  • You will not have any influence on the research content or results.
  • The full 2019 report will be behind a registration wall on the VDI like a PRO website, you may refer to this as much as you want.
  • You will help by sending the “request to participate” to your own databases.
  • You will help by sharing the “request to participate” on your social media channels.
  • We will add the following words to the 2019 research report:

The following companies are proud sponsors of VDI like a PRO and in this way support the creation and distribution of independent and unbiased market research by and for the EU community actively:

Level 2: full commercial use for 1 year (price upon request)

  • The level 2 sponsorship gives you a 1 year license, for the free use of the entire report in all your marketing efforts, worldwide.
  • Level 2 entitles you to share the report freely to customers and prospects, use it in your own marketing, and place it on your own website.
  • In addition, Level 2 includes all the benefits of Level 1.

In general

  • All sponsorship funds are used to cover out-of-pocket costs such as the creation and PR of the research reports, and on advertising to get more survey participants. 
  • The research team provide their resources and hours for free and this will not change.
  • The VDI like a Pro research is and remains unbiased. Sponsors have no influence over questions, answers and content.
  • Sponsors do not get access to raw survey-data and/or personal information from survey participants
  • For more information about sponsorships please email m.plettenberg@loginvsi.com.